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Shenzhen herbal capital Current Location:homepage News information Media report "Excellent" growth, "children" enjoyment - Renhe Pharmaceutical held social welfare activities to care for left-behind children

"Excellent" growth, "children" enjoyment - Renhe Pharmaceutical held social welfare activities to care for left-behind children

  来源:Xinhua News Agency

  On May 31, "June 1" Children's Day approaching, Renhe Pharmaceutical joined hands with Zhangshu City Care for the next generation Work Committee, walked into Zhangshu City Bridge Town Pengze Primary School, carried out a main theme entitled "' excellent 'growth,' children 'pleasure" care for left-behind children social welfare activities, for the children to send care, convey warmth。


The children showed paintings"Hi, Yo, when I grow up I want to be --"

  开展"How to get along well with friends around" theme class meeting;Use colorful brushes to draw "Xiao Yu.,你好,I want to be when I grow up - ";Hold lively interactive games;Play the blessing video of parents of left-behind children......Every link of the activity reveals the meticulous attention of the organizer,They build a ladder of healthy growth for left-behind children with love。


Children watch videos of their parents wishing them well。

  "Baby, I'm sorry that my mother can't accompany you over the Children's Day in Shenzhen, you are the sun in my parents' hearts, I wish you healthy and happy growth.。"Dad also miss you, at home must listen to the words of grandparents oh..."When the children saw their parents appeared on the big screen, sending their blessings, bringing reminders and expressing love, some were jubilant and excited, and some were moved and tears of missing。"Although mom and dad can not accompany me to 61, but there are so many enthusiastic brothers and sisters to give us games, gifts, but also from the video to see my mother, I am very happy.。"Xiong Jiaoqi of Class One (two) said excitedly。

  "Thank you for Renhe Pharmaceutical in the heart of the business, always do not forget to return to the community with public welfare.。Luo Munong, secretary of the Zhangshu City Customs Committee, said that the left-behind children are prone to some growth problems because of the lack of emotional care and love from their parents, and hope that when you care about their growth, you should be moved, emotional and hands-on。


Renhe Pharmaceutical general manager Zou Xiaoqing spoke。

  Zou Xiaoqing, general manager of Renhe Pharmaceutical, said that carrying forward the spirit of public welfare and practicing social responsibility is the bountiable responsibility and responsibility of Renhe enterprises。Adhere to the intention to do medicine, adhere to return to society, is the pursuit of Renhe Pharmaceutical。It is hoped that this activity will bring care and warmth to the left-behind children, so that they can better study and live。


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