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Shenzhen herbal capital Current Location:homepage News information Media report Create a new card of "industry + tourism" Renhe 863 Science and Technology Park into a 4A level scenic spot

Create a new card of "industry + tourism" Renhe 863 Science and Technology Park into a 4A level scenic spot

Source: Jiangxi News Network


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Reporters from the national media walked into Renhe to sign as a souvenir

Into Renhe863 Science and Technology Park, the appearance of the sculpture of ancient buildings, the park is verdant, flowing water。Planted more than a hundred years of ancient camphor tree, fragrance intoxicating。"Beautiful all year round, spring has peaches and plums, summer has fruit, autumn has osmanthus, winter has wintersweet.。Local people said that today's 863 Science and Technology Park has become a national 4A level scenic spot, is the best place for local leisure tourism。On May 30, a national network media reporter walked into Renhe Group and saw the opening scene。

  Camphor trees in May, the spring breeze is warm。Journalists from more than 40 key online media from all over the country were deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery of the park as soon as they stepped into the gate of the park. Under the warm reception and detailed introduction of the commentator, everyone was in high spirits。Dou Tonghui, a reporter from Hualong Net, told reporters, "The scenery is beautiful, better than some 4A-level scenic spots.。The architecture is antique, which is a style I like very much."

  "Everything around the pharmaceutical industry is our unchanged original heart, this science and technology park if you look down from the sky, you will see a gourd shaped aerial view, which is taken from the meaning of the world.。The park covers an area of 308 mu,It is a high-tech industrial park that integrates traditional Chinese garden culture, camphor tree medicine culture, benevolence and enterprise culture,The existing resources of the park are being upgraded,We will promote the construction of visitor centers, tourist toilets, ecological parking lots, signboards, and cultural corridors,And planned to open up the production workshop visit channel,Improve medicinal diet, physiotherapy, health, leisure, experience and other functions,Comprehensively improve the tourism industry in the park,Create a new industrial tourism spot。The relevant person in charge of Renhe Group said, "In the near future, a carefully built medicine City health culture park will slowly unfold in front of people.。”

  It is understood that863 program is the national high technology research and development program。Early 1980s,经邓小平同志批示,A national high-tech research and development plan led by the government,15 topics in 7 fields of biotechnology, aerospace technology, information technology, laser technology, automation technology, energy technology and new materials are selected as the key directions and goals of China's high-tech research and development。

  The development and innovation research of Jianxin capsule of Renhe Group is listed as the national 15th major scientific and technological special innovative drugs and traditional Chinese medicine modernization project.On April 21, 2005, it passed the acceptance of the expert group of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the State, and was listed as the national fifteen major science and technology projects, the national high-tech industrialization major projects, and the high-tech industry major projects of the People's Government of Jiangxi Province, filling the gaps in the pharmaceutical industry in the province。Because of the production of Jianxin capsule products in the park, it is named Renhe 863 Science and Technology Park。


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