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Shenzhen herbal capital Current Location:homepage News information Media report Excavating cultural connotation and building Renhe brand -- Renhe Pharmaceutical Park tourism planning review meeting was held

Excavating cultural connotation and building Renhe brand -- Renhe Pharmaceutical Park tourism planning review meeting was held

Source: Xinhua client general

Renhe Pharmaceutical Park tourism planning review meeting site

June 1, 2018,The Tourism Development Committee of Yichun City of Jiangxi Province presided over the review meeting of the Overall Tourism Plan of Renhe Pharmaceutical Park of Jiangxi Province (Zhangshu) (2018-2025) and the Promotion Plan of National AAAA Tourist Attraction (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") in Zhangshu City,The expert group is composed of experts from Tourism Branch of China Society for Future Studies, Nanchang University, Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang Normal University, Zhangshu City Planning Institute and other units,There were also more than 30 people in charge of Zhangshu City leaders and relevant units who attended the meeting。

据悉,The judges carefully listened to the report of Jiangxi Fuxin Ecological Engineering and Tourism Research Institute Co., LTD., the planning unit, on the main contents of the Plan,Review planning outcomes,After discussion and comment,The foundation of the Plan is solid,On the basis of the investigation of the resources of Renhe Pharmaceutical Park,It has made a comprehensive planning and design for its tourism development and the establishment of national 4A level tourist attractions。The concept of "Planning" is advanced,Have a clear mind,Positioning is more accurate;Functional zoning, product system is appropriate,Creative project design;All the elements,Meet the requirements of relevant national norms;The upgrading scheme is feasible and operational,Safeguards are in place,It has positive guiding significance for the promotion and development of Renhe Pharmaceutical Science Park,The experts agreed to pass the review。

评审Panel of expertsAt the review meeting

To further improve the quality of the Plan,The review team suggested changes,It is required to further explore the background cultural connotation of camphor tree and Renhe Pharmaceutical industry,Display cultural charm,Create a unique Renhe brand;To supplement sub-health and health culture content,Strengthen Bianque Garden, Qiling Palace and other health experience products;To improve the tourism image and LOGO design,Strengthen the connection and coordination with urban construction, land use and environmental protection and other related planning。

In addition, the review group also asked the preparation unit to carefully absorb other reasonable suggestions at the review meeting and revise and improve the Plan as soon as possible.。

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