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Camphor Tree non-public economic vitality burst into the county economy "pillar"


       In the summer, into the Zhangshu City Renhe Group "863" science and technology Park, the appearance of the antique garden style building, in fact, it is a modern medical high-tech production, research and development base。The company docents accompanying the visit said that the park covers an area of 308 mu, and large-scale production was achieved in July 2014, and tax revenue of 700 million yuan could be achieved by reaching the production standard。As the "leader" of the city's pharmaceutical enterprises, Renhe Group has created a legend of double growth in sales revenue and tax contribution for 6 consecutive years and 70 times growth in 10 years, becoming a modern pharmaceutical enterprise group integrating the production and sales of drugs and health care products。Last year, the company's sales revenue reached 10.2 billion yuan, and it was the first ten-billion enterprise in Yichun City。

       The non-public economy of Zhangshu has always been active, and medicine, wine, salt and metal furniture are the four traditional industries of the city。In recent years, the city has taken the development of non-public economy as a breakthrough to adjust the structure and change the mode and expand the county economy, expanded the industrial cluster based on the advantageous industries, implemented the innovation-driven strategy to improve the quality of development, and constantly stimulated the development vitality of non-public economy, making it the "pillar" of the county economy.。At present, the city's registered market entities 2.50,000, non-public economic taxes accounted for 93 percent of the city.8%, for camphor trees successfully selected for two consecutive years in the country's top 100 counties (cities) made outstanding contributions。

Renhe Group

       The development of non-public economy in the city takes the road of industrial clusters, pays attention to the advantages of the four traditional industries of medicine, wine, salt and metal furniture, and strives to build a modern industrial system with regional characteristics。On the one hand,Scientific planning of industrial distribution,It has built three provincial industrial parks, namely, North Economic Development Zone, Fucheng Pharmaceutical Park, Salt Chemical Industry Base, Pharmaceutical Capital Pharmaceutical Logistics Park, pharmaceutical industry incubation Park, metal furniture Industrial Park and other "new three parks".,Big project carrying platform,Attract companies that produce similar or supporting products to gather together。On the other hand, relying on the existing industrial base and advantages, around the enterprise's forward extension and extension of leading products and its upstream and downstream products to attract investment, continue to extend the product chain, lengthen the industrial chain, expand the technology chain, and form the advantage of project agglomeration。目前,The scale of the city's pharmaceutical industry exceeded 80 billion yuan,One of the top 100 industrial clusters in China,It was awarded the title of the only "Medicine Capital of China" in China;The food industry represented by wine entered the "Top 100 counties and cities in the National Food Industry",Four special liquor company tax revenue reached 1.2 billion;The salt chemical industry relies on the provincial salt chemical industry base,There are 34 enterprises stationed in China,Awarded as China Salt Chemical (Camphor) Recycling Industry Base;Metal furniture main products accounted for 45% of the national market share,Won the title of "China Metal Furniture Industry Base",A number of prominent industry leading enterprises such as Jinhu Group and Guangzheng Group have emerged。

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      You need to build up your size, but you need to show off your muscles。While expanding the size of the cluster and expanding the total economic volume, the city has strengthened scientific and technological innovation, continued to carry out the "innovation-driven talent support" and "machine replacement" program, and encouraged enterprises to keep an eye on the market and engage in research and development, promote high-end products, and take a new road of quality and efficiency priority。The city finance takes out 30 million yuan every year to support for three consecutive years to encourage enterprises to apply intelligent equipment and build innovation platforms, etc., and 43 enterprises are implementing or planning to implement, with an investment of 7.9.5 billion;The city has a total of 10 provincial technology centers, 5 provincial engineering technology centers, 40 high-tech enterprises, and participated in the formulation of 9 national standards and 14 industry standards。In the Guangzheng Group production workshop, laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine, robot welding machine and other dozens of automatic production equipment lined up, workers touch the touch screen control equipment, a piece of steel raw materials through the opening, cutting, bending, painting and other several processes processing molding。The person in charge of the company said with emotion that the intelligent upgrading of production equipment and the research and development and innovation of high-end products have provided enterprises with a steady stream of endogenous power, which has greatly enhanced the core competitiveness of enterprises。At present, the company's product categories include high-precision metal components, safes, intelligent file equipment, bank security equipment and other 8 series of more than 500 varieties, products have been awarded China's green environmental protection products and China's metal furniture industry top ten brands。

      In addition, the city has continued to make efforts to improve the level of non-public economic development from the aspects of talent introduction, foreign trade, and optimization of the development environment。Introduced the "new five" to attract talents and wisdom, the municipal finance takes out more than 60 million yuan of incentive funds every year, and strives to introduce about 1,000 full-time college students and high-end talents such as doctors and deputy senior titles for non-public enterprises every year。Vigorously implement the "going out" strategy, improve policies, services, incentives and other security systems, so that more "camphor tree manufacturing" to the world, the city has 16 performance foreign trade export enterprises, products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other overseas markets。We continued to promote special actions to reduce costs and improve the environment, carried out innovative actions to "do it well at one time", issued a service list of 480 items, and reduced the average working time by 1.2 working days, to create the best policy, the lowest cost, the best service, the fastest "four most" business environment。

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