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Corporate culture

Cultural strength is the source of enterprise core competitiveness。Corporate culture reflects a kind of spiritual temperament committed to material production, a kind of business philosophy and self-transcendence of life attitude。 As a member of Renhe Enterprise, the company adheres to the purpose of "serving human health", follows the concept of "people-oriented and harmonious", carries forward the spirit of "sincere unity and advancing with The Times", and makes positive contributions to the revitalization of the medical industry of the motherland。
  • Enterprise purpose
    For services to human health
    Jiangxi Kangmei Pharmaceutical and Health Care Products Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical enterprise committed to the research and development of traditional and high-tech pharmaceutical products,To realize its own enterprise value and social value by directly meeting the health needs of the vast number of consumers;Jiangxi Kangmei Medical and Health Products Co., Ltd. will revitalize the motherland's medical cause,Industry serves the country and benefits mankind,As his sacred mission。 Jiangxi Kangmei Medical and Health Products Co., Ltd. with love to cultivate, with love to create, the pursuit of the most perfect service, to achieve the dedication to the cause of human health noble ideals。
  • Enterprise philosophy
    People are the most important
    Jiangxi Kangmei Medical and Health Products Co., Ltd. advocates the "people-oriented" as the core of the management concept, respect people, inspire people, cultivate people, and enhance the sense of ownership of all employees。Enterprises love employees, treat employees well, employees love enterprises, care about enterprises, create a warm and harmonious atmosphere between enterprises and employees, employees and employees。 The company also creates and establishes an honest, friendly, friendly and harmonious relationship between enterprises and customers, enterprises and partners, and seeks harmonious development。
  • Enterprise spirit
    Sincere unity with The Times
    The enterprise spirit of "sincere unity" comes from the enterprise concept of "people-oriented, harmony is valuable", and it is also a more specific embodiment of this concept。It especially emphasizes the cohesion and activeness of the team, and achieves the spiritual realm of sharing weal and woe。 The enterprise spirit of "advancing with The Times" highlights the strong sense of The Times and innovation of the employees of Jiangxi Kangmei Medical and Health Products Co., LTD。It abandons any arrogant, complacent, it encourages enterprises and employees to always stand at a new starting point to develop, forge ahead, pursue, create。

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