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Kangmei company to carry out "safety production month" fire safety drill activities

Always keep the safety string in mind the fire safety work, and the alarm bell ringing does not relax to ensure safe production throughout the year。Combined with the implementation of the 21st national "safety production Month" activities, in order to maintain the normal production and operation order of the company and firmly establish the concept of "people-oriented and safe development", on the morning of June 28, 2022, Kangmei Company carried out "safety production Month" fire safety drill activities。

First of all, Liu Hongjun, director of the production workshop, conducted safety propaganda on production safety issues one by one to improve the safety responsibility awareness of the production line employees;

next,The production workshop monitor Xiong Chunzhen explained in detail the correct use of various fire extinguishers while the production workshop deputy director Zhang Penghui demonstrated the use of fire extinguishers at the scene,In addition, Du Jin, deputy director of the production workshop, emphasized the precautions in the use of fire extinguishers,Enhance fire safety skills of employees;

最后,Mr. Zhou, Manager of Personnel Administration Department, 竫,Make a summary of the "safety production month" fire safety drill activities,He proposed that front-line employees in the production workshop must always maintain safety awareness in their work,It is hoped that employees attach great importance to production safety and fire safety work from the ideological perspective,I hope you have a happy work,Go home safely。And again operate the demonstration fire extinguisher use method to deepen and consolidate the impression of fire extinguisher operation, so that employees remember their responsibilities, fire safety, safe production, everyone is responsible。

Through the "safety production Month" fire safety drill activities carried out in June, it not only firmly deepened the cognition and understanding of production safety work of front-line employees, but also enhanced their own safety prevention and self-rescue capabilities。In order to ensure the safe and smooth completion of the company's 2022 business objectives and tasks, Kangmei Company will work together and make joint efforts to escort the company's safe production throughout the year。

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